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The Uchi Estate and Succession Planning Risk Analysis

When dealing with family’s succession and asset protection needs, we usually recommend starting the process with a Multi-Jurisdictional Estate and Succession Planning Risk Analysis (ESPRA).

With all the changes currently the world’s corporate and tax systems, from CRS to BEPS, as well as leaks such as the Luxembourg Leaks, Swiss Leaks and most recently the Panama and Paradise Papers, we have been asked by numerous clients to combine a necessary structural review inclusive of a proposed strategy with an Estate Planning Analysis.

The result is an adaptation of our ESPRA, and this will process allow us to:


  • review your entire structure inclusive of trust deeds, corporate compliance and family governance,

  • identify any possible estate, succession, exchange control or tax planning risks, as well as review contacts/agreements you are party to that, could have an effect on your estate (for example Dual residency, ANC, PNC, shareholders & buy and sell or family constitutions etc.).

We will then be able to present a report to you setting our your current position, list any risks identified and give recommendations relating to your Estate and Succession Planning Strategy. 

Interested in the ESPRA process, schedule a 60 min Intro chat or complete the questionnaire by clicking on the link below and we will contact you.

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