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International Tax Strategies and Advisory

Your guide to Tax Efficiency

Understanding international laws is no longer only a concern for multinational companies, with the ease at which people can live, invest and/or do business outside of their home countries, increased the importance of understanding how different laws affect their lives. Not to mention readily available second residency schemes, some with very onerous fine print, being marketed and sold as a mere product.

There isn’t a book or a manual that you can grab off the shelve telling you the what, where, and when as each party's circumstance are different and thus different rules, and strategies apply. Most individuals/families do not have the experience or reference to understand the complexities of an International Tax Strategy. 

If you either plan to expand the business into another jurisdiction or looking to minimize the risks, costs or to increase efficiency in your currently established international structures, you need a carefully planned Multi-Jurisdictional and International Tax Planning Strategy.

Multi-Jurisdictional matters imply a 360-degree point of view on local, regional and overall international legislation and legal requirements that apply to your business in order to advise in areas such as:

  • Development of tax-efficient structural strategies focused on the mitigating tax wastage 

  • Establishment of Treasury management Structures, recipient entities, and repatriation techniques 

  • Holding company location and effective management

  • Tax effective financing and thin capitalization rules

  • Application of Tax Treaties

  • Advanced Tax rulings where applicable 

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