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UCHI Academy

Tailored Executive Short Courses

The UCHI Academy together with other sister companies have been offering executive short courses on International Taxation & Offshore Financial Centers since 1980, teaching many thousands of professionals and business executives, as well as Revenue officials, throughout the US, Europe, and the Pacific Rim countries.

UCHI Academy originated from a joint venture between the Institute of Advanced Studies and Founder of UCHI in the early 2000s. At the inception of UCHI Academy, this JV was transferred to UCHI and the staff and associates of UCHI have working with IAS to present and develop seminars throughout SADC.

UCHI Academy has been offering executive short courses and seminars on International Taxation & Offshore Financial Centers for nearly 20 years, teaching many professionals, business executives, Revenue and government officials, throughout Africa as well as European countries. 

UCHI continually advises clients and this experience and a passion for knowledge transfer, ongoing development, and training for every individual, family member and organization are summarized in our logo with the words “Expreto Credite” -  experience creates credibility.

UCHI Academy’s full time Lecturers, as well as visiting Lecturers, also consult daily on various matters pertaining to ultra high net worth families, multi national companies and governments. We are therefore able to offer courses by leaders in their fields, with up to date practical, hands-on information, with a wealth of knowledge and experience. 

UCHI Academy uses this expertise and knowledge to create in-house seminar options for clients who seek turnkey solutions and outcomes,. Additionally, UCHI Academy presents public seminars and Lectures on invitation. 

UCHI Academy’s courses and seminars are topical, practical and interactive.

UCHI Academy offers short courses relating to the following subjects:

  • Asset Protection,

  • International Estate Planning,

  • International Tax Planning,

  • Exchange Controls,

  • Anti-Money laundering, 

  • Corporate Governance,

  • Financial and Business Compliance.

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