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Family Governance Strategies

Expert Guidance to create a family legacy that spans generations to come

Family Governance Services is much more than a traditional estate plan. Most professionals have personal stories of clients and families who did traditional estate or succession planning, designed for the distribution of the wealth at the lowest tax cost and found that both the family and the fortune were lost in a short time. 

Family Governance begins with the idea that clients can pass both their values (human capital) and their valuables (financial capital) to their children, and focus not only on the planning for the division of financial capital which usually ends when the client passes away. 

Families that have been successful in passing wealth and businesses from generation to generation take a different approach. They implement a comprehensive strategy that integrates both human capital as well as financial capital and actively manage both the assets and the family relationships continually.

Family Governance Strategy endures for generations and has as its core values:

  • Focussed on both Human as well as Financial Capital

  • Coordination, 

  • Simplicity, and 

  • Peace of mind

to create a concept of a “family of affinity” to combine wealth preservation with family preservation.

A family governance strategy enhances a family’s cycle of wealth creation and preservations, by 

  • Identifying family objectives and priorities

  • Marshaling family assets and structures

  • Clarifying family dynamics and governance

  • Documenting multi-generational plans

  • Implementing family education programs

  • Facilitating better communication between family members as well as the advisors to those family members

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