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Who We Are

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The basic concept of Uchi in the Japanese language revolves around dividing people into in-groups ( uchi) and out-groups (sato). 

This is a vital distinction to be made in the multi-jurisdictional asset protection planning process, the differentiation between the inner circle (core) and the outer circles in other words, who will benefit directly, who will benefit indirectly and who will not benefit at all.

At Uchi, we focus on multi-jurisdictional asset protection strategies for both financial as well as human capital, by incorporating Estate, Succession, Asset Protection, Family Governance, and International Tax Planning to implement and manage multi-generational structures, that will assist families to transfer wealth, values and the family's core strengths from one generation to the next. These plans are rolled out by implementing family governance structures in order to promote family harmony. 

With the multitude of changes to international or multi-jurisdictional laws and regulations most professional firms such as financial services, attorneys, accountants, and auditors are not as up to date or focused on international tax, international estate planning, international transactional, banking or international asset protection laws as they would like to be. 

In addition to this most law or accounting firms do not have the luxury of having a dedicated Multi-Jurisdictional Department, as most of the larger international audit and law firms. 

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