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Transactional Compliance and Due Diligence

Ensuring your Funds are not stuck or lost in the system

Two of the most important, and often ignored, aspects of a financial transaction are Due Diligence and Transactional Compliance. We have extensive experience in due diligence, transaction advisory, and the establishment of recipient structures.  Our advantage is the unique mix of compliance, banking, financial, accounting, legal, tax, and structural expertise, which enables us to identify potential risks, unplanned outcomes, and delays.

We are able to assist with the entire process for the proposed financial transaction from reviewing the customer information sheets (CIS), the underlying project, and documentation, to the preparation of bank acceptable documentation and agreements. This enables us to identify any risks or missing documentation or information, which would have resulted in a failed transaction 

As a result of our compliance and due diligence processes, we provide you with an objective analysis as to the viability of the suggested transaction linked to the project and propose solutions where applicable.

We are able to plan for the transaction realization from a compliance point of view. We assist in negotiations relating to returns, repayment and other conditions of the transaction. This includes advice and implementation of an acceptable recipient, project owner and management structures, as not having an acceptable recipient or project may delay payment indefinitely.

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