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International Asset Protection Strategies

Committed to Protect your Privacy

Asset protection is a term most people do not understand, and therefore often neglected. But failing to have a well-thought-out asset protection strategy could mean that your most vital assets are at risk in the event creditors, competitors or authorities from local or international jurisdictions move to file a claim against you.

“The best time to plan is precisely that time you think there is no need for planning” 

Asset protection planning can be summarized as the implementation of proactive legal strategies that protects your assets from future creditors, divorce, lawsuits or judgments.

There is no template strategy that can be applied as each Asset Protection Strategy should be tailored to each individual’s/families’/corporates’ circumstances, needs, and intentions.

Asset protection should be seen as the foundation of any structural planning. Even the most sophisticated estate planning techniques will most likely be worthless should your asset be lost to some or other catastrophic “event”.

Furthermore, no asset protection plan should be initiated without estate planning and business considerations.

The three phases of Asset protection:

  • The separation of property from oneself

  • The extent of separation

    • The use of foundations, trusts, companies, joint ownership, syndicates or partnerships

  • The separation of property from property

    • Identify and separate risky assets from non-risk assets

Our Asset Protection Services include:

  • Development and Implementation of Asset protection strategies 

  • Development and Implementation of Asset protection solutions in offshore jurisdictions 

  • Advising and establishment of Asset protection trusts or Private foundations for asset protection

  • Advising, establishment and acquiring of Trust Companies and Vintage Trust Companies 

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