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One of the key reasons for Uchi’s establishment, was to fill the need created when various advisors,  advise clients on different and specific aspects of their portfolio, with no-one taking a holistic overview;  this typically results in tax waste, and double taxation, whether on income, dividends, royalty, rent, capital gains or death taxes; or adverse liquidity problems

As example: A founder hands each advisor (legal, financial, banking, family, auditing) a piece of wood and a carving knife , during his/her lifetime, with a specific instruction to carve a particular piece of the whole puzzle. However, as these advisors are rarely introduced to each other, or work in unison,  the effect is, that the puzzle’s scale  is never understood. Then at the death of the client, when all these puzzle pieces are put together, to build the puzzle, most of the time for the first time.

Inevitably this turns out as a recipe for failure, as the puzzle pieces,  will not fit to make up the “picture” the client intended, not to mention double death taxes or situs taxes.

At UCHI we collect all these puzzle pieces, and build that puzzle, while the client is alive and we have the opportunity to test what will happen. Our aim is not to replace any advisor, but rather, to work with your advisors.

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