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The Need to Know, What you Don't Know

We live in a world where meeting clients that have businesses, family or investments in multiple countries are a daily occurrence, the result is that there is a multitude of legislative and regulative rules impacting that persons personal estate. This creates an International Estate Planning conundrum for any client exposed to multiple jurisdictions:

The need, to know what you don’t know

There isn't a book or a manual that you can grab of the shelve telling you the what, where and when as each parties circumstance are different and thus different rules, and strategies apply, and most individuals/families do not have the experience or reference to understand the complexities of an International Estate Planning Strategy. 

Understanding international laws is no longer only a concern for multinational companies. Together with readily available second residency schemes and the ease at which people can live, invest and/or do business outside of their home countries, increased the importance of understanding how different laws affect their lives.

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